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Sphene is quite unusual and beautiful. The name Sphene comes from the Greek word for wedge, which describes the shape of the ends of Sphene crystals. A perfect centerpiece with an unique and organic identity, created through the mesmerizing conjugation of two types of stone mixing earth-tone colors from the ”Verde Guatemala” and ”Imperador” marble top, supported by a stainless steel structure. Sphene is modern center table will stand out in any room creating an exuberant and luxurious ambiance in your home.

HEIGHT: 40 cm |15.7” WIDTH: 120 cm |47.2”

DEPTH: 66 cm |25.9”

Standard:¬†Structure in Stainless Steel. Table Top in Glass, ”Verde Guatemala” and ”Imperador” Polished Marble.

* All Materials can be customized

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