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Mali gem is one of the rare and unique mixed ‘hybrid’ varieties of garnet. It was only recently discovered in 1994 in the West African country of Mali, which is how it earned its name. Mali remains the only known source for Mali garnet to this day. Mali suspension lamp was created for those who to seek new styles and a breath of fresh air at home decor. a luxurious piece with contagious energy. Create your magnetic space with this fabulous and unique piece. A stunning demonstration of Muranti’s in the unrivalled attention to details.Designed to delight every sense, this is a suspension lamp to see, feel and appreciate.

HEIGHT: 50 cm | 14.6’’ WIDTH: 90 cm | 35.4’’

DEPTH: 40 cm | 15.7’’

Standard: Structure in Polished Copper with High Gloss Finishand Polished Brecha Marble.

* All Materials can be customized

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